how to deal with the sunday scaries

*EDITOR'S NOTE: this blog was written by @OwenRoeder on Twitter, who is the latest degenerate to join the ONLY church for degens, godspeed, owen. * ahhh, another weekend filled with beer, cocaine, and cigarettes. felt good friday, felt great saturday, feel like satan’s sphincter sunday. you wake up at 1:45pm, too late to bet... Continue Reading →

fuck the sunday scaries: volume 4

it's sunday and it's hotter than camille kostek's latest intagram post. like i said, hot. due to the heat, your ac's and fans should be on full blast, and you should be drinking gallons of ice water. throw on a sleeveless, fill up your cups with a stupid amount of ice, and kick back and... Continue Reading →

fuck the sunday scaries: volume 3

it's that time again. sunday. the day where you regret spending $400 buying girls drinks at the bar. the day where face the harsh reality that tomorrow is monday. the day where you plop yourself on your couch/bed, complain about being hungover, and eat far too many carbs. here's the ideal situation. your air conditioner... Continue Reading →

fuck the sunday scaries.

as i sit here on my futon watching sunday night baseball and ripping juul, i am not scared. on this particular sunday i do not have any scaries and that is a damn good feeling. prior sunday's in the past, however, have been much more scary. i know the sunday scary feeling all too well.... Continue Reading →

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