I am tired of Philly sports

The Phillies fucked up this trade deadline. I don't wanna hear anything about how we did not give up anything for a fucking catcher who is a career .270 batter. Yeah, .270 aint bad but considering what was out on the market, we aint got shit. Damn, I am fucking tired like a single mom... Continue Reading →

This Plastic Straw Ban Is Fake News

The year is 2018: Donny Trump is president, the Philadelphia Eagles are (regrettably) Super Bowl champs, and LeBron James has taken his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers like so many NBA dickriders before him. What else is going on in 2018? Apparently, this is the year that everyone decided plastic straws are bad. I've... Continue Reading →

it’s time to talk about “show holes”

urban dictionary, a very reliable source, describes show holes like this, "when you finally finish binge watching all the episodes of a favorite tv series on netflix/hulu/hbo, as the credits to the final episode roll, that empty feeling that wraps around your soul because you now don't know what to do with your life. like... Continue Reading →

my friends and i almost fought a taxi driver

look, i'm all about convenient transportation. especially, convenient transportation from cab/taxi drivers; until this weekend. if i was ever leaving the city and going back to school i would look for a cab instead of an uber. not because i preferred them, but because i tried supporting local business. the guys that would not and... Continue Reading →

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