nfl divisional round picks: upset szn

last week was more profitable than selling whippets at an eagles tailgate, as i finished a stellar 7-2 (all on twitter son @themookiebets). within those picks contained a +500 parlay on the chargers and birds, and colts, birds, and chargers ml's. we got cucked by seattle to ruin a +2100 parlay, but they covered the... Continue Reading →

Summer 2008 was fucking dope

For some reason, twitter likes to recall the summer of 2016 as the simplest of times… Yea… 2016? I was starting to have actual responsibilities by then, fuck that noise. I'd maybe give you a pass on summer 2014, just because it had primetime Fetty Wap. But even that aspect lost its luster when absolutely... Continue Reading →

how to deal with the sunday scaries

*EDITOR'S NOTE: this blog was written by @OwenRoeder on Twitter, who is the latest degenerate to join the ONLY church for degens, godspeed, owen. * ahhh, another weekend filled with beer, cocaine, and cigarettes. felt good friday, felt great saturday, feel like satan’s sphincter sunday. you wake up at 1:45pm, too late to bet... Continue Reading →

big pop-pop energy

2018 was the year of big dick energy. if you don't know what "big dick energy" is, go fuck yourself, but i have a snippet from the cut that will suffice for you mouth breathers. "ten inches of organic hot-dog meat".......i giggled. anyway, pete davidson's "gangly-ness" oozed "big dick energy" and thus, the term was born. shoutout... Continue Reading →

An Obituary For My Happiness

Today marks a seminal moment in my life.  I graduated from Indiana University a couple weeks ago and officially started my job for the foreseeable future today.  I work at a small law firm and have for a few years but now I'm coming on full time and for at least the next year.  As... Continue Reading →

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