The Curious Case of Tyree Jackson

Hey there pal.  Been a minute.  Turns out a full time job compounded with a mysterious nerve injury (a story for another day) really cuts into blogging time.  But, I saw something today that inspired me to hop back up on the ole blogging horse and fire up some all-22. Today I'm examining the walking... Continue Reading →

An Obituary For My Happiness

Today marks a seminal moment in my life.  I graduated from Indiana University a couple weeks ago and officially started my job for the foreseeable future today.  I work at a small law firm and have for a few years but now I'm coming on full time and for at least the next year.  As... Continue Reading →

Saturday CFB Picks

Alright, this is gonna be a quick one because I fully forgot I’m flying back to Indiana today and flying for me requires pumping my veins full of sedatives and turning my brain into a noodle for a few hours.  Let’s roll. Michigan -4.5 - Harbaugh finally gets over the hump, Urban probably goes straight... Continue Reading →

Friday CFB Slate

While The NFL might dominate Thanksgiving, the day after always provides one of the most electric college football days of the year and this year is no exception. I've already blessed you with my #MACFriday picks (It's a hashtag now and you can just deal with that) so let's see what other games stick out... Continue Reading →

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