AAC Tournament Preview

I have a soft spot for the AAC because the Temple Owls are my side chick. I love sending them a "you up?" text if nothing else is going on, but I for sure wouldn't take them out to Continental Midtown and order up some Shoestring Fries and French Onion Soup Dumplings, ya know? I... Continue Reading →

BIG 12 Conference Tournament Preview

It's that time of the year, folks, and you can tell I'm taking it seriously because I'm capitalizing letters. This season of college basketball has been more up and down than Dan Bilzerian's little meat hammer on an island getaway with all 36 of the silicon stuffed models he travels with, which is good and... Continue Reading →

the patriots should be stripped of their title for how shameful this boston bar was after the super bowl. SAD!

patriots fans are unbearable. whether it's another barstool sports personality jizzing their pants about how perfect tom brady is, or another boston twitter egg that has some super dangerous internet fingers, escaping these mouth breathers is not an option. see, these hardos love to talk. they love to flaunt the evil brady/belichick dynasty and brag... Continue Reading →

nfl divisional round picks: upset szn

last week was more profitable than selling whippets at an eagles tailgate, as i finished a stellar 7-2 (all on twitter son @themookiebets). within those picks contained a +500 parlay on the chargers and birds, and colts, birds, and chargers ml's. we got cucked by seattle to ruin a +2100 parlay, but they covered the... Continue Reading →

how to deal with the sunday scaries

*EDITOR'S NOTE: this blog was written by @OwenRoeder on Twitter, who is the latest degenerate to join the ONLY church for degens, notnottrue.com. godspeed, owen. * ahhh, another weekend filled with beer, cocaine, and cigarettes. felt good friday, felt great saturday, feel like satan’s sphincter sunday. you wake up at 1:45pm, too late to bet... Continue Reading →

big pop-pop energy

2018 was the year of big dick energy. if you don't know what "big dick energy" is, go fuck yourself, but i have a snippet from the cut that will suffice for you mouth breathers. "ten inches of organic hot-dog meat".......i giggled. anyway, pete davidson's "gangly-ness" oozed "big dick energy" and thus, the term was born. shoutout... Continue Reading →

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