AAC Tournament Preview

I have a soft spot for the AAC because the Temple Owls are my side chick. I love sending them a “you up?” text if nothing else is going on, but I for sure wouldn’t take them out to Continental Midtown and order up some Shoestring Fries and French Onion Soup Dumplings, ya know? I save that for my bottom bitch, myself.

North Philly is more accustomed to armed robberies and muggings rather than winning basketball, but every once in a while we get an exciting team that can make some noise. Yet, thats the thing about the ACC. It’s a complete potluck-of-sham-fucks, and any team in the field could win the conference tournament.

Here’s a fact. Houston went 29-2 and finished the season ranked 11th in the AP poll, but KenPom has them at 95th overall in Strength of Schedule. Better yet, the highest rated strength of schedule in the AAC conference tops out at 77th overall, and that is owned by 6 seed Wichita State. Basically, this tournament is going to come down to who’s hot, and who has the most to play for. Let’s break it down a bit further.

Here’s the bracket.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.57.33 PM

And as always, here are the odds.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.58.31 PM

Who’s Already In:

According to our boy Bacardi Lunardi, Houston currently owns a 3 seed in the tournament which is fair but laughable. They plowed over the rest of the AAC like Bert Kreischer 16 Molson’s deep on a snowblower, and only lost two conference games to Temple and UCF down the stretch. They are the clear favorites in the conference tournament but there isn’t much value at 7/5, so naturally, stray away. If it means anything to you, I’ll be giving them an early exit in my bracket come Sunday.

The AP #24 Cincinnati Bearcats finished the regular season 25-6 and #2 overall in the conference. Down the stretch they dropped two games to Houston and one to UCF, so they certainly don’t have much steam heading into the tourney. I give the Bearcats credit for having one of the better out of conference schedules in the AAC, but I don’t see them winning the tournament. Lunardi currently has the Bearcats as #7 seed, so a very early exit in this tournament could cause them to drop a spot or two, but I don’t see that happening.

The North Philly Bubble Boys:

My side chick has a massive tournament ahead of them. The Temple Owls are currently in the Southern Region’s play-in game according to Lunardi, which means the AAC tournament will determine their fate. I expect the Owls to be more motivated than DJ Khaled on an elliptical, more driven than 6ix9ine in an interrogation room, and hungrier than Chad Johnson in a McDonald’s.

This is a classic Philly storyline. The kids on broad street take home the AAC title and go on to make some noise in the big dance. If it happens, I’m writing a fucking book about it.

But anyway, Temple would have to beat the winner of Wichita/ECU to advance to the semifinals and potentially face Cincinnati. Last time those two faced off Temple lost by 4 points after being up 14 at half, so they have a shot if the two meet in the semifinals. To add onto my case of Temple winning this tournament, they split their regular season series with Houston, and only lost by 7 in their second matchup.

The boys in North philly can ball, and at 10/1 odds, I’m going to fire it like an illegally purchased Gloc in a North Philly Rite Aid.

-not, not true.

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