Predicted this shit back when I predicted the rams to be in the Superbowl


Bengals are absolutely garbage this year, Andy Dalton has one way of winning and he doesn’t even realize it, A.J. Green. Throw the ball to him and maybe you’ll win more games. Cincinnati might be the trashiest city in the conference anyway, what the fuck kind of slogan is “Who dey” Stupid. Prediction, Browns sweep the Bengals and take Ohio over.

The Ravens have been getting better, but I think this young browns team has the chance to sweep them as well, but they always give the brownies a tough game in Baltimore, so my prediction is the browns and ravens go 1-1 this year.

The steelers are clearly the biggest threat, but I think big ben is on his downfall and this could be a year he may get injured early on in the season, which could give the browns a huge advantage in the division. But, all in all healthy teams the prediction, is once again, 1-1.

also…. think is one piece of beauty…. that tore me to pieces Sunday February 3rdIMG_5453.jpegupset

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