gamble and chill: college basketball saturday picks

it’s saturday. you’re more hungover than charlie sheen in vegas after a night with too many strippers named “destiny”. you wake up, smoke, send an uber eats order that could feed action bronson for a week, and gamble on everything.

here are the picks.

kentucky vs. miss state 1pm, CBS: kentucky -3.5

kentucky is really starting to put it together. they’re on a 9 game winning streak since being upset by alabama and i don’t expect miss state to end that streak. the first go around kentucky won by 21, and i expect history to repeat itself. ride kentucky spread.

louisville vs. florida state 4pm, espn 2: florida state -2 and ml

the system. if you listened to the m word podcast with resident professional gambler, jay, you know this is a system pick. home team, favored, ranked lower. louisville isn’t legit either, i’m riding with the seminoles. simple.

duke vs. virginia 6pm, espn: duke +2

the system can eat a dick on this one. not really, but i’m riding with duke because it’s too fun of a bet to pass up on. they’re by far one of the most exciting teams in college basketball in recent history, so betting on them against virginia is gonna be a bumpy, but fun ride. the last time they met up duke won by 2 so i expect this game to be tight. roll dukes tho.

these are just my favorite picks of the day. i will be sending more out on my twitter at @themookiebets . see y’all tomorrow afternoon on the internet.

-not, not true.


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