Saturday CFB Picks

Alright, this is gonna be a quick one because I fully forgot I’m flying back to Indiana today and flying for me requires pumping my veins full of sedatives and turning my brain into a noodle for a few hours.  Let’s roll.

Michigan -4.5 – Harbaugh finally gets over the hump, Urban probably goes straight from the sideline to the hospital. Fake heart attack szn in full effect down in Colombus.

Georgia -16.5 – Georgia stomps GT in another strong rivalry week tilt.

Troy +11 – I normally back App State and consider them the class of the fun belt but the public is wayyyy to heavy on App State (over 90% last I looked). Fade fade fade.

LSU +140 – Geaux Tiguhs, A and M isn’t that good.

Bama -24 – Today’s iron bowl should be renamed to Gus Malzahns Funeral. Saban is a noted put his foot on your throat when he’s got you down guy, and I think Bama absolutely stomps a far inferior Auburn team and ole Gus hits the unemployment line.

Sorry for the brevity, now let’s get this money.



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