Is Gus Johnson the GOAT?

Now I’m not saying Gus Johnson wouldn’t be a good plumber, roofer or doctor but holy fuck can we thank the heavens he followed his passion of sports broadcasting?

After the legendary Brent Musburger retired to gamble his man titties off in Vegas, the throne of best broadcaster in the biz was up for grabs. Since Musburger’s retirement nearly two years ago, it’s safe to say there is no clear fan favorite whether that be in the NFL or National Communist* Athletic Association. Since everyone hates Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels (SOMEHOW) and almost everyone else in the business – is it time to start acknowledging Gus as the best out there right now?

Just listen to the call as West Virginia’s Will Grier finds Gary Jennings in the endzone late to secure the bag.

As much as I love the duo of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, I don’t think either of them could carry a broadcast by themselves. We’re seeing just that with Joe “Texas is Back Folks” Tessitore attempting to carry an awful Jason Witten and an incredibly awkward fitting Booger McFarland. However, I truly think Gus Johnson could call an electric game by HIMSELF. Just put him up in the booth with an oxygen tank and let the magic happen.

Shoutout to Tessitore with one of the worst freezing cold takes of all time.

At the end of the day, we need more “from the parking lot!”, “Oh my goodness!” and “He’s got ‘get away from the cops’ speed!” on all the top sporting events.

Side note, I feel like Musburger announcing he’s coming back to the NFL every Sunday as play-by-play for the Raiders when they move to Vegas flew under the radar because I was today years old when I found it.

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