Helloooo Miss Lady

Greetings. Hello. Bonjour. Namaste. My Name is Ernie El’s* and I’m glad I caught ya at the right time. Not too long ago my main man Mook reached out an invitation to profess my faith in his church of degenerates. Blown away by the offer, I had no choice but to give this whole blog game a try.

Growing up in the heart of Northeast Philly, I was born into the fire of Philly sports and wouldn’t want it any other way. From the highs and lows of the Andy Reid era to the Phillies dominance of the NL East flowing directly into ‘The Process,’ I’ve seen what truly makes this the best sports town in America. As a washed-up high school athlete turned NARP, I care about sports entirely way too much and live for giving lukewarm takes that no one asked for.

After graduating from Father Judge High School and spending four years at Penn State (not a member of the cult) just to drop out senior year, I currently take part in the daily rat race as I’m stuck in the cubes from 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Although new to blogging, I fell in love with the idea of covering and writing about sports at Penn State when I covered the Men’s Lacrosse team for the 2016 season at The Daily Collegian. (Shoutout when we knocked off #1 Denver)

From there I saw the landscape of sports media start to change and be shaken up in a good way. Fuck the idea of not being able to cheer for the team ya cover or your childhood squad. I bleed Philly sports and I don’t give a fuck who knows it. With that in mind, I ain’t no homer and can’t stand half the assholes who call into WIP and The Fanatic.

I look forward to bitching, gambling, ranting and laughing with every single one of yous.

Prepare for war gentleman. Godspeed.

I leave you with the great college football game of my life. It’s a bias decision, fuck off.

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