Week 13 Maction Slate With Harry Mac

Hello friends! You may remember me as the guy who gave you a few terrible picks last week, but that’s all behind us now and if you did take my picks last week, you know I delivered Maction winners as per usual.  We’ve got 5 games on the weekday Maction docket this week and you best believe we’re wetting the beak on all of them. Unless otherwise noted I lean over in all of these games because I’m a red blooded American and not some sort of terrorist who bets MAC unders. Without further ado… Let’s Roll


NIU -6.5 @ WMU – Nothing quite like some Tuesday night Maction to get the juices flowing.  This line opened at 4.5 and has been bet up to 6.5 at the time of this writing and seeing as the public likes NIU in this one (67% of public money on NIU) I would normally be inclined to take the home dogs. But, Maction ain’t normal and has actually been one of the only conferences in college football where fading the public has not been profitable.  NIU can essentially lock up the the MAC West with a win in this one and I think they come out looking sharp and overpower a WMU team that’s currently on a 3 game losing streak as their season swirls down the toilet like a sad lonely turd. NIU -6.5, take it to the bank.

Ball State @ Miami OH -17.5 – I had to double take during my research because I was actually STUNNED Ball State has 4 wins and even crazier, 5 covers this year.  5-6 ATS is not nearly as terrible as I would’ve expected for how incompetent the Cardinals have looked at times this year.  So, with all that about how terrible Ball State is being said, I actually think they cover tonight and that 17.5 is just to much for Miami to cover.  Take the points and ride Ball State +17.5 and o54.

Fuck Black Friday I’ll take MAC Friday

Central Michigan @ Toledo -18 – I’ll spare everyone the analytics and statistics for this pick – The Harry MAC gut pick of the week is Toledo -18.  Sometimes all it takes is that first look on paper for a seasoned veteran of terrible football like me to say one team is actually good while the other is actually bad. So for all the mouthbreathers out there who think I dive way too deep into terrible football games looking for an edge (I do), this pick is for you.

Eastern Michigan -13.5 @ Kent State – As you may remember from last week, Kent State is a stinky football team with a 2-9 record who happens to be sneaky good at covering for their backers, somehow turning that putrid 2-9 record into a very respectable 6-5 ATS.  Despite the fact that EMU has played pretty well this year and currently sit at 6-5 overall with a strong 7-4 ATS, they have been unable to cover a spread bigger than -11 this year and I think that’s a trend worth backing.  Kent State +13.5

Akron @ Ohio -23.5 – Ohio is a much much much better team than Akron is, and the sharp line movement from 20 to 23.5 this early in the week with only 60% of the public backing Ohio tells me some major sharp money came in on Ohio to push that line.  Keep it inside 24 but looks like the pros are going with Ohio -23.5 this week, and your boy is following suit.

Buffalo -14 @ Bowling Green – Buffalo has quietly been a really good football team this year, and no, I don’t mean that like they’re the tallest dwarf or the smartest idiot among the rest of the MAC East, I mean that like I think they might actually be a good fuckin football team that’s gonna get a decent bowl game and give a P5 program a run for their money.  On that note, they should blow the doors off Bowling Green this weekend and I’m declaring Buffalo -14 my Maction Mortal lock of the week.

So, to recap and a TLDR for all the degenerates who just want something to throw the mortgage on,

NIU -6.5

Ball St +17.5 and o54

Toledo -18

Kent State +13.5

Ohio -23.5

Buffalo -14 Maction Mortal Lock of the week

So there she is, our week 13 Maction slate.  Real damn shame we’re winding down here but we gotta finish strong. After all, how the fuck else am I supposed to buy shitty gifts for friends and family this weekend?  Enjoy your weekend, your winnings, and remember the one thing we should all be thankful for this Thanksgiving; awful weeknight football.

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