fall break diaries: let’s bool

booling, or the art of booling, can be described as such.


eh, the drug part isn’t a must but you get the point. but god damn i love urban dictionary, it just gets me.

anyway, i am fully on thanksgiving break and now, “we out here booling”.

i have no obligations this week besides getting stupid drunk with my friends on thanksgiving eve at a local dive bar that smells like old pubic hairs and cigs, and consuming enough food to feed a small syberian ice fishing village twice.

other than that, my schedule is more open than a crummy chinese joint on christmas.

that being said, it’s time to crank-out some content. i want to blog, podcast, tweet, and churn out more content than a god damn pot farmer on the week of 4/20. so, if you want to collaborate, give blogging a shot, or shoot the shit with me, i’m all fingers and ears.

slide in my dm’s @themookiebets on twitter. i’m feeling more motivated than a crackhead looking for a fix.

-not, not true.

*the fall break diaries will be continued…*

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