Yankees Name Severino As Wild Card Game Starting Pitcher And I’m FUMING

Okay, let’s start off. I’m a Yankees fan. And right now I am a very angry Yankees fan.

Allow me to channel my inner Mike Francesa for this tirade. On Wednesday, The Yankees play in a one game playoff against pretty much the hottest team in baseball that Oakland Athletics. Win, and move on to the next stop on the road to 28. If they lose, at least they get to book a tee time before golf season is over.

So, which starting pitcher have the Yankees entrusted their fate? Is it the logical choice of J.A. Happ? The dude whose almost undefeated in pinstripes? Nope, they chose Louis Severino.

If you had asked me who I would have pitch in the Wild Card game BEFORE the All star game, I would have chosen Severino no doubt. The dude was leading the American League in most pitching categories like he was the love child of Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan. But then things got worse, much worse. Comparing his first half of the season to his second half is like comparing Dr. Jekyll to Mr.Hyde.

No let me get angry. Aaron Boone, what the actual fuck were you thinking? Did the ESPN school of coaching give you a PhD in bad bullpen decisions? Who taught that course? fucking Jessica Mendoza? Did you minor in Introduction to P.E.D.’s taught by department head Alex Rodriguez?

Remember last year when the Yankees trusted Severino in the same one game playoff? Remember when the Twins scored three runs in the first and it looked like it was going to be a blow out? Remember how 15 minutes in the game Yankees haters where ready to start planning a parade through Minneapolis and Saint Paul (not for winning the world Series, just for beating the Yankees). Pepperidge Farm remembers, although me and the rest of the Bronx faithful try to forget. Minnesota is a like a deep south trailer park but with mooses and snow.Thank god we won the game, after Severino was pulled, but we almost lot to a bunch of frozen hillbillies.

I may be a Yankees fan, but I’m not an optimistic Yankees fan. Severino pitching doesn’t make me feel good about my chances to beast some Brad Pitt Money Ball team that plays in a half empty stadium in the armpit of San Francisco.

One things for sure, though: Brewers winning the National League. Book it now.

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