“sometimes you gotta eat the bullshit”: the highs and lows of life/gambling

gambling is a lot like life. think about it for a second.

ok, now do you see what i mean? life isn’t always grand, merry, and full of buffalo wings. sometimes it fucking sucks; like right now. i’m down a month’s rent on my book, i’m sitting in a class that i’m not paying attention to and paying way too much money for, and some girl i am into basically told me to go fuck myself. my life is basically a large steaming dump spiraling down the toilet into the abyss.

even with all that being said, life goes on. we grow, we get better, we adapt, we adjust, and then we dominate. the legend, mac miller, once said, “i struck the fuck out and then i came back swinging.”

well, motherfuckers, it’s time to swing.

so yeah, i went 3-5 last week, missed my bests bets, and told everyone to throw extra units on some losers. ok fine. i’m sorry if i lost you money. i lost a lot of money too.

but, gambling is like life. you’re going to win and you’re going to lose. if you want to go get your picks from some nerd with a spreadsheet that charges $500 a week, then fine go ahead. waste your money.

but if you want to trust the process, eat a little bullshit, and be here to see the tides change, then you’re in the right place. winners don’t quit. they wipe the dirt off, grow some hairs on their sack, and buckle up for the ride. winners are the guys who keep coming even after everyone’s counted them out.

this is exactly what we’re doing. we ate a little bullshit, but soon we’ll be eating steak. so, now it’s time to dig in. strap the fuck up or get the fuck out. the mookie comeback is going to be realer than nicki minaj’s ass.

people forget i was 17-18 last year before i went on a 24-5 run. so just wait for it. there is money to be made.

-not, not true.


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