Penn State bullies Pitt and is now their Daddy.

51-6. That is not just a blow-out that is a landslide, a rout, a beating. I could keep rambling but THE Pennsylvania State defeated Pitt by an outstanding score of 51 to 6. This is the worst loss in 22 years for Pittsburgh. Now to be honest, I did not watch this game because it’s Pitt, they are not even in the same conversation as us. This was Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl and they shit the bed. Penn State just straight up bullied Pitt and took their lunch money and all of their dignity. Cuncel the season for Pitt. They might as well just not even play another. That being said Penn State answered a lot of questions regarding how legitimate of a championship contender they are. Kent State next weekend. Wrap that up. Easy W, might as well look onto the next week, Illinois. And tbh that is not even gonna be a game either, might as well look forward three weeks and Ohio State. And for all of you anti-Penn State, anti-Joe Pa people, you can take your opinion and go kick rocks. What happened was fucked up, obviously. But I will not throw dirt on a dead man’s name. Put that statue of Poppop Joe Pa up and make everything right in the world.

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