rest in peace mac miller

look, i’m a mac miller guy. i first started to listening to mac early in high school. kids and best day ever were fucking awesome. i remember modern warfare 2 and best day ever came out on the same day and it was like christmas. like actually one of the best days ever.

so yeah, hearing the news kinda ruined my day, and i’m kinda shook. but you know what? it’s time to bump some mac. remember the dude for the good times you’ve had listening to his music. the early days when you’d wakeup on a saturday, fire up some call of duty, and bump songs like donald trump, senior skip day, and kool aid and frozen pizza. those were great times, and i’ll always remember him for that.

even some of mac’s new stuff was great. i really liked go:od am, blue slide park, and watching movies with the sound off.

crazy story though. my brother shared a playlist with me recently of all his favorite rap songs. there were probably about 200 songs. 10-15 of them were mac miller.

so i was extra shook when i realized i listened to his song “brand name” no longer than three hours ago. one of the lines, which i know by heart, really bugged me out.


anyway, rest in peace to a legend, an influencer, and just a kid from pittsburgh. love you mac.

-not, not true.

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