does being a teacher’s assistant automatically make you a narc?

ok, look. i’m a smart kid. when it comes to school, i strap the fuck up and cop a’s like i’m billy madison flying through elementary school. i’m a grinder like that. sure, it may take a little adderall and a lot of coffee, but at the end of the day i get the job done.

and yeah, i have an internet personality and blog that could probably get me shunned from having any prospect of a professional career, but i wouldn’t give that up for anything in the world. i can fuck around on the internet while being a school hardo in real life, right?

correct. now back to my main point.

am i a narc for being a ta? or am i just a smart motherfucker?

i’ve heard both answers to this question. some call me a narc and some call me smart. personally, the only reason i do it is for the pay, but more importantly to watch 400 students squirm in there seats while i give them an exam. it’s honestly an amazing feeling. we’ve all been that kid that sees an exam and instantly starts bugging out because you know you’re fucked, but imagine being the person proctoring that exam. it’s honestly something i hope everyone gets to experience once in their life. kind of like visiting niagra falls.

anyway, being a ta is fucking awesome. my professor buys me lunch 3 times a week, i get paid, and it looks dank on my resume. so bite me if you think i’m a narc. i’m just out here playing chess while all you peons play checkers. your move, boi.

-not, not true.

p.s. “you know who calls people narcs? narcs, narc.” shoutout 21 jump street.

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