college football national championship prediction

college football “officially” started last weekend, but saying that hawaii vs. colorado state kicked off the season is like saying you banged a chick that only gave you an over the pants hand job. it just doesn’t count.

so, with the start of the season still kind of lingering, and the fact that futures are still available on books, let’s talk about who’s winning the natty chip in college football.

long shots:

penn state +3000:

i absolutely love penn state football this year. i already wrote a blog on trace mcsorley saying that he’s going to win the heisman, but with +3000 value lay $10 on them to win the chip for $300. that’s a no brainer considering psu is already ranked #10 in the nation, and has proven that they can compete in the big 10 and possibly sneak into the college football playoff.

wisconsin +2600

yes, this contradicts the psu pick but i see at least one of these teams sneaking into the college football playoff. with a meaty offensive line and one of the best running backs in the country, wisconsin could put it together and make a run this year. wisco is already ranked #4 in the ap poll, and if they can get by michigan and penn state, they’ll easily get into the palyoff.

safe bet:

georgia +800

georgia lost a heart breaker to alabama in the natty chip last year and now they’re hungry. and like they say, hungry dogs run faster. go birds. sorry i get carried away.

anyway, with jake fromm returning, and de’andre swift at running back who is poised to have a breakout year, i think we see georgia in the chip again. and this time they’re not losing.

georgia is my pick to take home the hardware this year, and with 8/1 value you can get a pretty fat payout. go dogs.

-not, not true.

p.s. get your futures in now before your books close them.



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