2018 heisman prediction: pound trace mcsorley

college football is lingering in the air like a premature shart after eating chipotle. it’s not quite here yet, but you know it’s coming.

anyway, this year’s candidacy is dominated by running backs. bryce love and jonathon taylor are the clear favorites on most bookmaker’s sites, but i’m not buying the running back hype. check out the last 3 heisman winning running backs courtesy of bovada.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.44.35 PM

all of these dudes absolutely obliterated the college football landscape. sure, bryce love went off for 2118 yards last season, but i doubt he’ll do it again. if it wasn’t for baker mayfield being so damn good last year the trophy would’ve been all his.

but that’s the thing. quarterbacks always outshine running backs, it’s just natural. so, this year the sucker bet is to take a running back. the public peons will be pounding love and taylor, but history shows running backs hardly win. let’s get into some heisman winning qb’s.

tua tagovailoa, alabama: +900

tua is an interesting character. he took over for bama in the national title game and looked like an absolute stud, but jalen hurts is still hanging around. nick saban still hasn’t determined a week 1 started for the crimson tide, and there is currently a qb battle going on in their training camp.

i’m staying away from tua because this battle might continue into the regular season. yet, if tua is the starter for the majority of the season watch out for him to be a contender. the value at +900 isn’t steep enough for me to lay money on the hawaiin rocket. fade tua.

jake fromm, georgia: +1200

georgia is going to be an absolute powerhouse this year, especially after just losing to bama in the natty chip last season. like they say, hungry dogs run faster.

anyway, i expect fromm to pop off this year like a cork on new year’s eve. he’ll have de’andre swift to lean on at tailback, and a unit full of young receivers ready to emerge.

fromm is enticing at +1200, but freshman justin fields could play if fromm struggles. fields was the #1 dual threat qb out of high school, and enrolled early at georgia to prepare for the season. fromm may have a short leash and that scares me a bit. fade fromm.

khalil tate, arizona: +1400

to be honest i don’t know much about this kid except that he goes to arizona and probably drowns in punani after games. anyway, he emerged last october as a large dual threat qb who can make explosive plays.

arizona is right outside the ap top 25, and they are relying on tate to carry them all season. he could put up huge numbers in the pac 12 this year under kevin sumlin, but he’s still a long shot to take home the hardware. fade tate.

trace mcsorley, penn state: +1800

trace is my pick this year. it’s a long shot, but it has good logic behind it. psu is ranked #10 in the nation and loaded with talent on the offensive side. without saquon barkley, mcsorley should be the main focal point in their offense and absolutely shred secondaries in the big 10.

psu will be in the national spotlight all year due to their rigorous big 10 schedule, which will allow for trace to shine in big moments.

taking trace for heisman may be a full court heave, but shooters shoot, right?

honorable mentions

  • whoever plays qb for clemson. there is a qb battle brewing between trevor lawrence and kelly bryant. whoever wins that job will be in position to be the next deshaun watson and be a potential candidate.
  • will grier. he’s sitting at a hefty +2000 but if wvu can compete this year the redshirt senior will have one hell of a season.
  • absolute canon ball longshot: deandre swift from georgia. i hate taking running backs to win the heisman but the sophomore showed flashes of nick chubb/sony michel talent for georgia last year as the 3rd back on the depth chart. look for swift to have a breakout year. +2800 odds are crazy.





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