going back to the gym sucks

going back to the gym after taking a long 4-6 months off sucks. i’ve gotten lazy. over the past months my life has consisted of fortnite, juul, uber eats, wine, and summer classes. i’ve had the time to go to the gym, but it just never happened because i was always too “busy”.

now, i am going back to school in 2 weeks, and my physique resembles this blob that kind of looks like dave portnoy.


not great.

recently, i’ve been encouraged to go to the gym by a fellow blogger of mine. weird right? bloggers don’t workout anything besides their fingers and right forearms.


it’s time for a little comeback szn johnny manziel style, except i’ll be lifting minimal weight and eating a salad every once in a while, not playing canadian football.

anyway, going back to the gym after taking months off might be worse than a testicular extraction. you get into this lazy routine where you love life and your lifestyle, but then a wrench gets thrown into it. a wrench full of obligation and hardship. instead of playing fortnite and blogging all afternoon, i’ll be attending the gym for exactly one (1) hour, no more no less. fuck my life.

i guess it’s needed though. i used to be in decent shape, but now i have a dad/grandad bod that doesn’t really perform well at the bar. even my grandmom looked at me funny yesterday when i saw her for the first time in 2 months. fuck, i’m a bad grandson.

either way, getting back into a gym routine is one of the worst things to do in the planet. the key is to stay consistent in the gym, which i’ve never been really good at. so, today starts the comeback. it’s time to work hard for about 2 weeks, then take another 6 months off. that’s my cycle, and i’m going to stick to it.

-not, not true.

p.s. i am back on the content grind. had finals for my summer classes and went to disney world last week. going to be cranking the next few weeks. stay tuned.

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