Must Watch TV Show

I watch a lot of tv and there is one show that has been doing it at the same level of greatness year after year that gets no love. Yeah I am talking about Jeopardy. Why should you love Jeopardy? To start, if you are an intellectual like myself, nothing helps blood rush to your genitals than rattling off answers in front of family and friends. They look at you like you’re Stephan Hawking, of course without the disease and the wheelchair unless you are then my condolences. The show is also hysterical. After the first commercial break, Alex Tribek (the host) talks to the contestants about a fun fact or antidote about themselves, and they are fucking bizarre. Always something like them owning 12 cats or collecting Asian sex dolls. Something you cringe at but can’t turn away.

Also you got to love the competition. You like Game of Thrones battle for the iron throne? Nah watch 3 malnutrition weirdos compete to be the smartest. They act civil but they are cut throat doing anything it takes to win. So enough watching those other pussy game shows like family feud that any peasant with a brain can do, but instead watch a show that allows you to learn things that can help you bring chicks at the bar home. Nothing will guarantee you banging a chick more than knowing the food dish that starts with the letter Q that originates from France. And if this blog doesn’t make you want to watch jeopardy then I will meet you at any place and shove a textbook up your ass.

One Love.

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