There Should Be A Mercy Rule In MLB

A short day ago, I found myself in an outdoor New Jersey bar, drinking cheap beer and watching America’s favorite pastime. All seemed well in the Major League Baseball world as the Yankees held a nice lead in a win over the Orioles (I know they lost today though, so shut the fuck up). Then, my eyes make a short little detour to check in on the Mets game playing on the next screen. That’s when all hell broke loose.

As you all know the Mets lost 25-4 to the Nationals that night, but even in the early stages of that game when the Mets only trailed 14-0 my drunk mind couldn’t comprehend how a so-called “professional” organization could reach the bottom depths of despair. I would have written this article last night, but I figured I should give my somewhat inebriated mind time to comprehend just how awful the Mets are, but newsflash, when I sobered up, they still sucked.

Watching the Mets loose by almost 20 runs is embarrassing. It’s like watching your friend pee his pants in kindergarten. It’s like watching your friend in high school get rejected by the prom queen so she could go out with the captain of the football team. I can just keep thinking of scenarios with this type of second hand embarrassment,

If there’s anything this absolute clusterfuck of a Mets loss taught us, it’s that baseball needs a mercy rule. If your down by almost twenty fucking runs in the fifth and sixth inning, you don’t deserve to play until the ninth inning. At that point, walk off the field with your head hanging down and your tail between the legs.

I know what you’re all probably thinking, “but what about the people who paid money to see the game!” Easy solution: give them their money back for this game AND free tickets to another game. And not just any tickets, but upgraded tickets, with free drinks to drown away the pain of a twenty-run loss. If people were willing to show up for that on field embarrassment, they should be rewarded for it. Management and owners should be begging them to come back and kissing their feet when they do. Yeah, it would cost a lot, but you know what else costs a lot? Loosing games because your teams shit, thats why.

“But wait! Won’t that ruin the game?” Really, this is gonna ruin the game? We have intentional walk signals and talk that in extra innings runners should start on second instead of first base. Not to mention the old problem of players shooting roids in their ass. If baseball can survive this shit, they’ll be fine.

Every team, no matter how good, is gonna have a few bad games here and there, I get that. Just look at the Yankees: on pace to make the playoffs but still lost to probably the worst baseball team in the past two decades today. In order for a game to end in a mercy rule, the home team has to be down by over fifteen runs by halfway through the game. If its the away team loosing, the game can keep going; give those home fans a show. That way, it’s only going to happen if you’re really being blown out of the water. At that point the game is official. No re-dos. One team gets a win and one team gets a loss.

Not gonna lie, I kinda of started rolling with this idea as a joke, but it doesn’t sound half bad. We’d have a reason to have more exciting games and if not, atlas we can get something out of it. Make it happen, Manfred, make it happen.

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