I am tired of Philly sports

The Phillies fucked up this trade deadline. I don’t wanna hear anything about how we did not give up anything for a fucking catcher who is a career .270 batter. Yeah, .270 aint bad but considering what was out on the market, we aint got shit. Damn, I am fucking tired like a single mom with 3 kids on welfare. I am tired of Philadelphia teams not getting shit on the open market. There was some whale sharks out there and we landed a very average yellow finned tuna. Lebron James: Whale Shark. Goes to LA. Manny Machado: fucking goliath grouper, goes to LA as well. There are tons of other names not as big as those dudes but still some pretty decent names that we just did not land because we are afraid to ship out some prospects. We are talking about prospects here. Oh yeah we got Wilson Ramos and Nemanja Bjelica (who the fuck is that guy). We are a major market and we are not a destination for the big name stars to come to and I love my Philly sports but I got a fuckin problem, shout out to A$ap.

I digress though, the Phillies really shit the bed on this one. WE NEED A STUD and we just did not go out and get a stud. Maybe the front office does not believe in this years team so we did not go out and trade what needed to be traded but that just is a really bad look, towards the fans and also the players. We are leading the division, making a playoff push, throw us a fucking bone. Instead you got us out here like a bunch of bums in a Soviet Union bread line begging for some stars to come to our city. Our most obvious need right now is a shortstop. We have Scott Kingery there now and he is just trash. I know it’s still super early in his career but he is obviously not panning out into the player that we thought he was going to be. J.P. Crawford is a steaming pile of buffalo shit. Asdrubal Cabrera isn’t the solution either. My man is the worst defensive shortstop is the league. The dude has a -51 defensive runs saved from 2012 to 2017. We could throw the local american legion 15 year old kid out there and get better showing then Cabrera in the field.

This off-season the Phillies better make some big boy moves like getting Scooter Gennett or maybe lure Manny from the Dodgers and Yankees like a fucking pedo in his rape van with free candy. But we NEED a shortstop who can play the field and provide some pop in this awful lineup. Lastly, lets fucking get Bryce Harper in a Phillies uni. I want harper in Philly like a fat kid at Chuckie Cheese wants that birthday cake. Really fucking bad. I don’t care what anyone says about his offensive performance, the dude is gritty as fuck. You cant knock a guy who gets injured hustling his fucking ass off on a play. Kinda reminds me of Chase Utley. And i think Chase is kinda loved in this city. Harper in a phillies uni would get asses in the seats and give this team the stud and pop that we need. I could go on and on about how these philly teams mainly the Phillies really fucked this up like a father of two getting caught banging hookers by his wife. Shout out KFC. First blog, over and done with. See you boys later.

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