Fuck Urban Meyer

You know what is worse than a rapist? A women beater. You know what is worse than a women beater? Someone who enables a women beater. Fuck Urban Meyer, you god damn mayonnaise monkey looking mother fucker. I know all of the facts have yet to come out and the politically correct thing to do would be to wait for all of the facts come out and then address the situation but I am not one who is politically correct. From the looks of it Urban Meyer, who might not be the dumbest person on the planet but he sure better hope that that person doesn’t die, covered up a domestic abuse case regarding one of his coaches, Zach Smith (fuck this guy) the WR coach to be specific.

Brett McMurphy, a college football reporter, orchestrated this bombshell of a story this morning while interviewing the ex-wife of said Zach Smith (fuck this guy), Courtney Smith. This bombshell included pictures of the abuse and text messages between Courtney and Shelley Meyer, (Urban’s wife).  Well, as I am looking more and more into this case, like a member of the fucking Scooby Doo gang,  I am learning that back in 2009, Zach Smith (fuck this guy) was arrested for aggravated battery of a pregnant victim. I just got chills writing that. No charges were pressed. In 2015, police were called to the Smith residence on suspicion of domestic violence and assault, and fourteen days later there was a complaint of stalking. Eventually the the two got divorced in 2016. This dude is a grade A+ scumbag and God wasted a good asshole when he put teeth in this dudes mouth.

Urban Meyer is on public record stating that there is nothing to the claims of domestic abuse and that he would leave it to “the experts” to investigate what happened and they found the what was originally reported was not what had actually went down. Courtney Smith has come forward and stated that she has multiple conversation with Meyer’s wife regarding the domestic abuse situation and to think that his wife did not tell him what was going on with his assistant coach is fucking asinine. Urban Meyer covered up a domestic abuse case and should be fired from the Ohio State head coaching position and never be allowed to coach football again. Maybe he’ll get a job coaching the jail yard squad, shout out Burt Reynolds in longest yard. In today’s society, Urban has to know that everything is going to come out eventually and PR 101 for ya champ, deny till you die only works when you are like 5 years old. That being said as a Penn State grad, Fuck Urban Mayonnaise Monkey Meyer, Fuck Ohio State and most of all fuck Zach Smith.  Second Blog, over and done with. See you boys and girls (gender inclusive on this blog) later.


PS: Makes you wonder if he knew about Aaron Hernandez and his affinity for murdering people while he was at Florida

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