it’s time for athletes to delete their old tweets

recently, there’s been a trend going around that i absolutely hate. people are digging up athlete’s old tweets and looking for racist shit they said back in the day. it’s fucked up all around.

look, i don’t like racism and i’m not condoning it. that shit is fucked up. yet, i just can’t believe how stupid these athletes are for not cleaning up their twitter in the first place.

if you are making millions of dollars to play fucking sports, you should have all your bases covered. it’s called risk management. look it up.

anyway, it’s not hard to get rid of old tweets. 30 seconds into a google search all of your tweets from 2014 and later could be gone with one click. but these dumb asses like josh hader and trea turner are the poster children for athlete’s with racist twitters.

so, for all of you pro athletes that are reading this (because i know there are so many that are), get your twitter under control. stop being fuck twats, and delete your fucked up tweets from the spring of 2012 when you were the thad castle of your high school.

twitter is a dangerous place. don’t let it bite you in the ass.

-not, not true.

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