it’s time to talk about “show holes”

urban dictionary, a very reliable source, describes show holes like this, “when you finally finish binge watching all the episodes of a favorite tv series on netflix/hulu/hbo, as the credits to the final episode roll, that empty feeling that wraps around your soul because you now don’t know what to do with your life. like a good friend just left you forever.”

spot. on.

show holes suck. i’ve finished dozens of tv series and every time i get the same feeling. it’s like my wife leaving me all over again. or the feeling that kevin hart gets after he finishes shooting a movie that nobody gives a fuck about, so he goes and does another shitty movie that nobody cares about because he’s addicted to making shitty movies. it’s a cycle that can’t be stopped.

for example, i just finished the wire on hbo. it was an amazing series and possibly top 10 all time in my book. now, i’m in a show hole. i had an emotional attachment to the show. it took a lot for me to get invested into it, but eventually i grew attached to it. now that attachment is empty because there’s no more show to watch and it’s sad.

now, i’ll probably go back to watching the office for the 19th time until i find a new show. that’s how show holes work. you get attached to a show, finish it, get sad, buffer your sadness with a show you love like the office, and then find a new show you can binge. the cycle always repeats itself.

it’s tough to dive into a new show. it’s a trust thing. sure, your friends can tell you about a show they’ve seen that’s absolutely binge worthy and amazing, but taking those suggestions isn’t always the move. it’s risky. you can waste 3 hours of your life on a show that sucks, and nobody wants to do that.

so, if you have any show suggestions please hit me up on twitter @themookiebets. i need a new show and am not sure what to start next.

my short list is this: ray donavon, narcos (i know, i should’ve seen this a while ago), the oj documentaries, last chance u, and true detective.

i’m not sure to start one of those or to go with an outside hire, but if you have any input please don’t hesitate to reach out.

i’m in a show hole, and i’m fragile.

-not, not true.

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