i’m fully nocturnal

i’m a fucked up individual. i’m in this routine where i “go to bed” around midnight, watch the wire for 5-6 hours, and maybe pass out around 6-7am. then, i wake up anywhere from noon to 2pm and get my day started. something has to give because i’m becoming a bat.

this routine is solely the fault of my night class, which falls every monday-thursday 5:30-8:30pm. since i’m not working this summer due to a multitude of reasons, i have no obligations before class, and therefore no incentive to get up at a normal time.

today is different. last night i passed out around 10pm after eating chinese food that tasted like betty white’s asshole, and made me feel like charlie sheen after he was done “winning.”  anyway, i woke up at 2am wide awake and have been up since.

i saw this break in my pattern as an opportunity. an opportunity to start living like a normal person. i am now determined to get through today without napping, which probably won’t happen but it’s a start.

time to grind out of this cycle into a normal life. one where i’m not nocturnal and am able to get up at a reasonable hour.

so, if you have any blog suggestions, topics, or leads, hit my twitter dm’s @themookiebets

-not, not true.

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