the mlb conspired to make bryce harper win the home run derby and i want a refund

look, i’m not just writing this because i bet on kyle schwarber. i’m bigger than that. yet, i think something fishy went down last night at the derby. let me explain.

here are the facts. the nationals are in 3rd place in the nl east right now and are 5.5 games back from first place. they are underperforming, and they have one of the best young talents in the league in bryce harper. the kid’s a stud but that’s not the point.

on top of harper, the nationals roster is consisted of many talents, including 19 year old juan soto who is an absolute animal. in conclusion, the nationals should be a staple of the mlb along with the yankees and red sox, yet they are playing like shit so they aren’t drawing a lot of national attention.

also, washington is hosting this year’s all star game, which means bryce harper would try to smash moonshots in front of his home crowd. if he were to hypothetically win that derby, it would be one hell of a way to get the fans fired up about the nationals again.

here is what makes my blood boil.

harper clearly violated the rules. him and his unit of a father weren’t letting the ball hit the ground before the next pitch, and hence, a good chunk of his dingers shouldn’t have counted.

i think major league baseball let it slide because it’s good for the nationals and for the league. watching harper decked out in stars and stripes while he rips piss missiles in front of his home crowd is one way for the nationals fans to start really getting behind their team. not even just national’s fans, casual fans everywhere. if we’re being honest the home run derby was great last night. great for baseball and great for the league.

i know that, you know that, and the mlb knows that. it was a god damn scheme.

major league baseball wants the nationals to be good so they can market harper and soto, so why not let him win the derby in front of his home crowd so the shitty nationals can build some momentum? the mlb is dying, so i’m not surprised they’re making moves like this, but at least make it a little less obvious so a kid like me can’t figure it out.

anyway, fuck. i picked schwarber, and although the payout wasn’t that good, i expect the mlb to re-inverse my $20 bet.

hey mlb, my venmo is open and so are my twitter dm’s. so, if you care to explain this bullshit of a home run derby slide into my twitter @themookiebets and ask for my venmo name.

fuck you, bryce.

-not, not true.


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