mookie’s 2 minute drill: nfl news from around the league

i’m ready to start talking about football. i can’t help it anymore. i miss it like tom brady misses the lombardi trophy. i’m not going to get in depth during the, “mookie 2 minute drills” yet, i’m going to keep it light, topical, and informative. i’ll save the in-depth shit for when we get closer to the season.

so here goes nothing. welcome to mookie’s 2 minute drill.

today, brandin cooks signed a 5 year extension worth $80 million. that’s a fuck ton of cash, but it’s well worth it considering cooks is only 24 years old. i expect jared goff and cooks to form a solid connection in los angeles, which will result in a strong fantasy year form both parties. cooks was swallowed up in the patriots system last season due to tom brady’s style of passing. the dude just loves hitting white slot receivers in the middle of the field. anyway, expect him to put up big numbers this year like he did with the saints.

to piggy back off of cooks, his teammate, aaron donald still isn’t paid. after seeing cooks get paid, donald has to be jealous like a side hoe after seeing her man in public with his main chick. he is an amazing player, but overpaying defensive tackles has backfired before like telling a girl you want to eat her ass then she blocks you on all social media platforms. hence, ndamukong suh.

somehow, someway, some lawyer got randy gregory reinstated today. the cowboy defensive end was suspended for a full season last year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for the 3rd time. 3rd time?!? dude, figure it out. you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play football and you can’t keep your piss clean? this guy strolling back in the league has me bugged for two reasons. 1, he’s a cowboy and fuck dallas. gregory was a 2nd round pick in 2015 so dallas is getting another young player who could contribute after dominating the draft for the past few years. and 2, idiots like this don’t deserve another chance. i mean come on. if i were to fail 1 drug test let alone 3 at my work, i’d be fired on site. then, i would probably be black listed from the rest of the employer’s in my industry as well. fuck dallas, and fuck randy.

le’veon bell doesn’t want to be a steeler anymore and i completely agree with his reasoning. the steelers don’t want to sign him long term which makes sense because running backs are like juuls. they service you for a while, but eventually they get old and lose their fire. bell is now 26 years old and has probably reached his peak, or is in the last year of his prime. it makes sense for pittsburgh not to show him the money, and it also makes sense for bell to go seek more money. i hope he gets his payday somewhere else after this season. just not in the nfc.

side notes:

as an eagles this warms my heart, but i’m also very upset i was not there. checkout these goons re-watching the super bowl.

that’s philly for you. we will never let go of the fact we won the super bowl last year.

extra side note:

i was banned form posting in the philadelphia eagles sub-reddit. some hardo tossed me for sharing my blog about the eagles??? well, fuck them. it’s probably run by some south philly mouth breathing jabroni’s anyway.

-not, not true.


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