it’s almost time to start talking about football and i have a quarter chub.

it’s 55 degrees out on a brisk sunday morning in the fall. you spent way too much money buying pitchers at mcgillan’s last night and threw up on your mother’s couch when you got home, but you don’t care because it’s sunday.

you take a walk around the block to get coffee and juul pods, and maybe throw up in your neighbor’s backyard on the way home. when you get home, you plop yourself on the couch and start shopping lines for every nfl game on today’s slate. then, you order a pizza, wings, fries, and maybe a 2 liter of dr. pepper.

you are now in nirvana.

fuck, i miss football season. the game itself, gambling on it, and analyzing it. the 25 or so weeks of the nfl’s season are by far the best time of the year and it’s not even close.

right now, we are in mid-july. it’s hotter than satan’s ball sack and more dead than michael jackson, but we are almost there. so close, yet so far.

training camp start in about 2 weeks. the regular season starts in roughly 56 days and 1 hour. yes, i have a countdown clock.

regardless, it’s almost time to start talking about football. futures, teams to watch, mvp and rookie of the year candidates, super bowl winners, division winners, fantasy studs/sleepers, and everything else revolving around the best game in the world.

i’m amped. this is going to be the best season of football yet. i’m going to grind this year. research, blogs, podcasts. content content content. all fucking day. there is currently blood rushing to my penis just thinking about it.

god damn, i love football. get here soon old friend, we are all waiting for you.

-not, not true.


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