i talked my friend out of taking croatia to win the world cup at +10000 odds.

yes, you read that correctly. i, mookie bets, talked one of my boys out of throwing money on croatia to win the world cup before it started. fuck. my. life.

here are the transcripts.



“what if croatia wins lol. i’ll feel like the biggest asshat ever”

“we’re both gonna feel like idiots if croatia wins”

well, fuck.

to start, big shout out to my boy for somewhat calling croatia. that was a shot in the fucking dark. even though none of us took it, we will never forget the day where i talked him out of taking that bet.

i understand that croatia didn’t win yet, but if we took this future it would have set us up in prime hedging position. i’m talking a guaranteed $500. it hurts me to type that.

moral of the story, always shoot your shot; even if they’re fucking hail mary’s from the 1 yard line with 5 seconds on the clock.

long shot bets may not pay off often, but when they do it’s like getting a blow job from kylie jenner pre-lip removal. fucking magical.

on the bright side, i do have france to win the cup at 7/1 odds so i guess that’s something. yet, it won’t take away from the fact that i almost pulled the trigger on croatia. that fact will never go away.

i feel like i’ve just been kicked in the nuts.

-not, not true.

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