the wire is keeping me up until 6am

in my quest to watch every great tv series in the world, i have recently stumbled upon hbo’s the wirei’ll be honest, at first i thought it sucked. the first 3 episodes were tough to get through because basically nothing happens.

but, because i’m a champion, i powered through it. i hung in there with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count, and knocked one out of the ball park. the wire is now one of my favorite shows of all time.

the series starts to pickup in the middle of the first season. i am particularly drawn to the real life portrayal of the baltimore drug scene. it’s amazing to watch how drug dealer’s in the project’s live and operate.

i also love the characters. mcnulty is a wise-ass irishman who is always doing something irrational. daniels is a stiff bastard that gets beaten down by the system far too often. herc is the hilarious goon that loves to beat down on hood rats. prezbloski and lester are fucking rayman-esque. omar is the gay-psychotic street rat that makes a living off robbing drug dealers which is fucking hysterical. michael b jordan plays wallace, who is by far my favorite character. a 16 year old dealer that was born into the game, yet he has a good heart. the scene where he got gunned down made me almost think about shedding a tear.

moral of the story, i can’t sleep without binging 5 hours of this show. i’ve been up until 6am the past two days because i want to find out what these fucks are getting into next. that, and the fact that i don’t have class everyday until 5:30pm.

it’s basically a trap. i watch this show because it’s insanely addicting. also, i have no obligations before 5:30pm the next day, so i’m up watching hbo go until 6am. something has got to give. i can’t keep up this routine. i feel like a bum, yet there’s no shot i stop binging this show until i finish every last episode.

i’m fully addicted to the wire. someone help.

-not, not true.


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