the hbo series, succession, is a must watch

i’m a huge netflix and hbo go guy. if you ever want to go toe-to-toe and compare what you’ve seen, or what the best series is, please slide into my twitter @themookiebets.

anyway, i stumbled upon hbo’s new series last night, succession. if you’re a business guy like me, or enjoy a series about the corporate world, this show is right up your ally.

jeremy strong plays kendall roy, the heir to the international media giant waystar royco, and is the perfect person to portray a yuppie white dude that has a coke addiction and a trust fund. he was featured in the movie the big short and now he’s the star of this series.

kendall’s father, logan, is older than dirt and is basically ready to croak at any second, yet he won’t let kendall take over the company. it’s a classic power struggle over who has the biggest dick at the company, and who wears the pants in the family.

kendall’s brother, roman, is your classic twat younger brother with a “fuck you” attitude. he is arguably my favorite character because he clearly doesn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone, yet somehow he swindled his father into giving him the chief operating officer position. he’s basically a monkey in a suit.

this show is great because it portrays the life of a full time suit. hbo gives a great insight into the live’s of corporate hardo wasps who will do anything to stay rich and stay in power.

honestly, this show is hilarious. it has many serious aspects, but i found myself cracking up at many different occasions.

i binge watched the first 4 episodes of the series last night until 3am because i couldn’t stop watching. now, i have to wait until fucking sunday for episode 5 to come out. what a boner.

if you need a new show and like to laugh at corporate hardos running around to see who has the bigger dick, look no further and start succession. you won’t regret it.

-not, not true

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