my life is now fucked because of summer classes

i’m going to be a cpa, which means i need 150 college credits. since i fucked around a little bit in my early years, i am playing catchup and going on my 5th year. whatever, that’s fine. an extra year of college never killed anybody, but it probably gave them extensive liver damage. i can live with that.

anyway, i just finished up my first class of the summer. it was 4 times a week for an hour and a half, and it honestly got me out of bed every morning so i could blog. it was basically designated internet time in the prime hours of the morning which was perfect for me.

now, i am royally fucked. i am taking 2 courses this summer semester, but they are major courses and at the worst time imaginable. i will now be in class monday through thursday from 5:30-8pm……

what a cuck job.

this means a few things. i will no longer be able to play old man jewish softball because the class time interferes with it. i will no longer be able to attend center city sips on wednesdays because class interferes with it (this is happening right now). and lastly, my sleep schedule is going to be completely dicked.

now that i don’t have to wakeup for morning classes i’ll be casually arising at like noon everyday. then, i’ll start my day with some bull shit like fortnite or pickup basketball, and be chained to a desk for 2.5 hours at night. i will then proceed to be up for hours on end because i don’t sleep in general, but getting up at noon means i’ll be up until 5am everyday. like i said, dicked.

i am now faced with adversity. i owe blogs to the small amount of people that read this site, and it will now be harder than ever due to my summer classes. i will overcome the challenge. i will stare these classes in the face and completely alpha them. i will not be a bum and wakeup at noon everyday. okay maybe sometimes but still.

as dwight k schrute once said, “i am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me.”

-not, not true


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