fuck the sunday scaries: volume 3

it’s that time again. sunday. the day where you regret spending $400 buying girls drinks at the bar. the day where face the harsh reality that tomorrow is monday. the day where you plop yourself on your couch/bed, complain about being hungover, and eat far too many carbs.

here’s the ideal situation. your air conditioner needs to be on a crisp 69 degrees. no exceptions. you should eat one big meal today, followed by your favorite snacks. personally, i just scarfed down 4 rolls of sushi, and now i’m alternating between flaming hot cheetos and cool blue gatorade. i’m probably going to hit the vending machine for round 2 of snacks later.

you must be in baggy sweats. slap on some old bar mitzvah sweat pants and a baggy shirt. you’ll feel free and comfortable. then, fire up some kind of show/movie and binge watch the fuck out of it. i recommend the office, peaky blinders, or a movie from the batman series. nap as needed.

i have a solid case of the sunday scaries this week. i’m down a fuck ton of money on my book even after winning big these past two days. the last thing i want to do is give my bookie money. it’s literally the worst feeling ever accepting his venmo request.

i also have a group presentation and group paper due tomorrow that i know nothing about. my group mates aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, either, so tomorrow could fuck my grade big time.

one thing i did to subside my scaries this week was to wakeup and immediately play pickup basketball. i didn’t give myself time to feel hungover or sad, i just got up and met my friends at the park, and got some solid cardio in. it was honestly a great move because i sweated out my hangover and got much needed exercise in after a weekend of drinking. i 10/10 recommend pulling this move.

otherwise, this weekend was a success. i didn’t spend money buying girls drinks a the bar so my checking account is in tact. and i also didn’t make a fool of myself at the grad party i attended. at least i think.

anyway, take care of your sunday scaries the right way. get on some sweats, and order yourself a large fucking pizza with a side of bacon cheese fries because you deserve it. you fought the weekend head on and came out on the other end alive. that calls for a celebration of yourself.

-not, not true.


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