nba draft prop bets

the nba draft snuck up on us like kevin hart in a stack of hay. tonight at 7pm the fate of college kids and nba franchises will be decided. it’s make or break.

it’s crazy to think about how much money these kids are about to make. most of these draft prospects are under the age of 20 and are about to become millionaires. fuck, i need to get my life together. top prospects like deandre ayton, michael porter jr. and marvin bagley just signed huge endorsement deals with puma and are already swimming in pools of money.

well you know what? let them have their endorsement deals and signing bonuses. just because they’re making bread doesn’t mean we can’t. let’s get into some draft props that’ll get you paid like the top prospects.


jaren jackson to get drafted 4th or worse -180

this is a stone cold houdini safe lock. the top 3 is going to be a trio of ayton, bagley, and doncic, so jackson will for sure go 4th or worse. the odds are steep, but it’s free money.

donte divencenzo to get drafted 18th or better +170

this kid is an absolute stud but isn’t getting the hype he deserves. he’s been overshadowed by jalen brunson for the past two years, yet he was the engine for the villanova wildcats over that span. he’s a tough athletic guard that will be able to compete at the nba level, and i think a team will reach for him a bit earlier than 18. plus, the odds are great value at +170.

longshot – will liangelo ball get drafted +1400

i mean, this is an absolute doug flutie hail mary, but hey, shooters shoot. take ‘gelo to get picked tonight and hopefully you and him will get lucky.

jalen brunson to get drafted in the first round +115

some team at the end of the draft is going to need a backup point guard that is experienced and can hit a 3. +115 is solid value here.

those are the 4 props i like the most. hit me up on twitter @themookiebets to chirp me, follow along with the draft, or keep up with my degenerate lifestyle.

-not, not true



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