i’m re-watching the office for the 18th time

netflix is a trap. i literally cannot sleep without firing up some kind of show while in bed, and for years my go to has been the office. sure, i’ve sprinkled in stranger things, peaky blinders, breaking bad, and whatever other series i’ve binge watched in an unhealthy amount of time, but i can’t stop watching the office.

i no joke am running through the office for around the 18th time. it’s a ball park number, but you get the point.

i think my addiction started freshman year of college. after the series ended in 2013, i re-watched it for the first time with my roommates at school. we would rip bong, eat chinese food, and watch michael scott make a fool of himself. it was great. we downed that series in about 2 months, but over that span i developed a habit. i could no longer just go to bed. no, i needed to watch at least an episode of the office to fall asleep every night.

so, naturally, i fed into my gut feeling and started from episode 1 before bed. this turned into a full out calculated routine. i’d watch 1 full episode, sleepily watch the 2nd, and be knocked out like someone slipped me a xanax for the third. it was a great routine at the time because it was college and it didn’t matter if i was up until 3am every night.

this takes me to today. now, i am full out addicted to the office like a crack whore. like i said, i’ve sprinkled in other shows while i was binge watching them, but whenever i’m in-between series i watch the office.

whenever i’m in a show hole, the office is there for me. whenever i can’t sleep, the office is there for me. whenever i’m not tired but need to get sleep, the office is there for me.

in total there are 201 episodes throughout the series. someone did the math, and calculated that it would take 4 days, 3 hours, and 30 minutes to binge watch the entire series. jesus.

so if i watched it 18 times, i’ve spent roughly 75 days of my life watching the office. yikes. i don’t hate it because people spend time doing worse things, but i don’t love it because that’s a fuck ton of time.

at the end of the day, the show helps me sleep and that’s all that matters. the fact that it’s the best show of all time is an added bonus.

-not, not true.




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