wednesday world cup picks: lets make some bread

alright, so i’m 6-6-2 in the world cup. the only thing that record indicates is that i’m going to get hotter than satan’s ball sack sometime soon. not to make excuses, but colombia got a fucking red card 3 minutes into the game, which basically gave japan the win. also, senegal scored 2 bull shit goals on poland which should’ve never happened. and egypt; that one is on me. they fucking suck.

lets get into wednesdays slate.

8am, morroco vs. portugal – portugal ml and spread

portugal drew spain in their first game and that says a lot about their team. ronaldo led the team with a hat trick and is now the early favorite for the golden boot. on the other hand, morocco lost to iran in their first game 1-0 and didn’t show much promise. ride portugal ml or spread to the bank.

11am, uruguay vs. saudi arabia – uruguay -2

uruguay beat egypt in their first game 1-0 which is slightly concerning, yet saudi arabia is simply trash. russia is a solid team, but to lose 5-0 to them is more embarrassing than letting a girl see your flaccid penis when it’s cold as fuck outside. i’m going to take uruguay -2 in what should be a blow out.

2pm, spain vs. iran – over 2.5 goals, lean spain -2

spain is an early favorite to bring home the cup this year after their outing against portugal. they looked fast and well put together. there were a total of 6 goals scored in that game which leads me to believe this game will be high scoring as well. hopefully spain puts in 3 themselves because i’ll probably be on their spread as well. ride the spaniards.

those are the picks. hit me up on twitter @themookiebets to bull shit, discuss picks, and follow along with the world cup.

-not, not true.



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