monday morning catchup

monday is here and hopefully your sunday scaries have resided. if you’re like me, you drank a little too much wine last night and feel like jackie chan drop kicked you in the jaw. hopefully you’re not like me because i can barely function.

anyway, this week is going to be great because we have a ton of world cup action. i’m a solid 5-3-1 right now with belgium and england spreads going later today. not too shabby for an american wanker that watches soccer once every 4 years.

i’m in the final two weeks of my summer class and i couldn’t be happier. this shmuck stands at the front of our class (like he is currently doing) and spews for 1.5 hours M-Thurs. while i crank away at blogs. there are 30 kids in the class and about 2 squids participate. the rest of us just grind away on our laptops doing god knows what.

do i have any westworld fans out there? it was a complete mindfuck last night. it really threw my brain into a pretzel right before bed, which can maybe explain why my dreams were crazier than normal. that could also just be the nicotine addiction. i’m not really sure.

if william is a host i might be out on that show. you can’t keep attaching people to characters and then reveal that their not human. that’s just super fucked up. that’s like me finding out my cousin is a host. i’d be devastated, and probably just as devastated as i will be if they reveal william’s been a host this entire time.

whatever. that show skeeves me out anyway.

it’s a fresh week. i’d like to thank everyone for visiting the site last week, the numbers were better than i expected. if you have any comments, advice, or feedback please slide into my dm’s on twitter. @themookiebets

-not, not true.

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