is video game addiction a real thing?

from the new york times:

Video games work hard to hook players. Designers use predictive algorithms and principles of behavioral economics to keep fans engaged. When new games are reviewed, the most flattering accolade might be “I can’t put it down.”

Now, the World Health Organization is saying players can actually become addicted.

On Monday, “gaming disorder” will appear in a new draft of the organization’s International Classification of Diseases, the highly regarded compendium of medical conditions.

my mother has been preaching this for years, so it’s definitely not breaking news. video games are fucking addictive. get over it. everything is addicting in this world, but video games have to be right behind cigarettes and caffeine because i find myself playing fortnite for hours. it’s getting bad.

and i can’t even imagine how hooked younger kids are. fucking 8 year olds that were born with an ipad in the womb probably play this game like it’s crack. i once watched a kid play fruit ninja at a dinner table and not speak to her parents once. she played it while she ate her food and simply could not put the game down. it was sad.

this new generation is going to be automatically addicted to video games. it’s in their blood. they were born into ipads, candy crush, and youtube. it’s not their fault, but when you’re 12 year old is 250 pounds and won’t get the fuck off the couch because he needs to catch another win in fortnite, you’ll know why.

now the world health organization is getting involved. yippie. time to save the day! not. this “disease” is only going to get bigger and bigger as new technology is implemented into video games. can you imagine in 10 years when you can play as carson wentz and win the super bowl while wearing a v.r. headset. shit, i’m going to lose my job.

morale of the story, no shit video games are addicting. i’ve seen friends turn into zombies over the latest modern warfare, the new madden, and most of all fortnite. it’s disgusting.

yet, this brings about a great business idea. i’m going to start a video game rehab were we ween you off of your favorite games. first, we give you a little fix of fortnite. we slowly get you off that, and turn you to a playstation 1. ew. kids will not know what to do with that, but they’ll still play because they’re addicted. once they get addicted to that, we take them to gameboy, and keep going until we get to frogger or pacman. soon they’ll be so disgusted by video games they won’t want to play. boom.

epidemic solved.

-not, not true.


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