fuck the sunday scaries: volume 2

it’s been a week since i opened this blog and i’m happier than barry bonds in a room full of steriods. i love blogging and i hope you all have enjoyed the content i have put out so far.

on another note, today is sunday and i’m more scared than drake in a room full of his baby mama’s. now, i didn’t do anything ridiculous this weekend like slide tackle a girl on the dance floor, or break my juul because i got thrown in a pool. yet, i still have my concerns.

friday i was at a high school graduation party. it was for my friends younger sister, so me and a few of my boys headed over for some free booze. i may or may not have been extremely intoxicated in front of about forty 18 year old’s. it’s not like i did anything idiotic, but i may have said something stupid. and it’s not like i remember either. for all i know, i could’ve told those kids that crack is the answer. or that you should try anal with the first girl you have sex with at school. either way, i’m only a little scared from that.

saturday was relaxing. i slept in until noon, broke even on world cup bets, and swam in my friends pool at night. all around great day.

today sucked, though. i’m not going to get all mushy, but one of my family members is in hospice and it’s sad as hell. cancer is a fucking cunt and i want to suplex it into another dimension. so that has me kind of scared.

also, this week of summer class is going to suck so that triggers my anxiety even more.

did i mention i had a future on dustin johnson to win the u.s. open? well fuck me sideways because he blew it like kim k blew ray j. it was an utter choke job.

now, i reside in my 69 degree apartment sipping wine and eating sushi like the jap i am. it is buffering my scaries, and to be frank i’m buzzed off my ass. life is good.

this is what happens when you get the sunday scaries. you get scared, but the only thing to do is alpha it. show the scaries who wears the pants in your brain. throw some sweats on, drink a glass of wine, eat comfort food, and dominate the fuck out of your scaries. life moves on.

-not, not true.

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