weekend world cup picks

it’s been a great two days of the world cup. we had russia kick it off with a 5-0 butt hole against the saudi’s, and if you followed my picks you won some money on russia -1.

today started off with an 8am kickoff of uruguay vs. egypt, and frankly i was not up for that game. money doesn’t sleep, and i had uruguay  -1, but unfortunately that pushed. bleh. the 2pm slot was electric, though. spain vs. portugal. the warriors vs. the cavs. mayweather vs. mcgregor. ok, it wasn’t that big but you get the point. it was 2 titans of soccer playing each other in the opening group stage games, and it did not disappoint.

i rode portugal +310 and early on it looked like a lock. ronaldo scored a pk within the first 5 minutes of the game and went into half up 2-1. spain dominated the 2nd half and went up 3-2, but in the 88th minute ronaldo scored his 3rd goal for a hat trick. it was a beautiful free kick right outside the 18 that curved perfectly in the top corner of the net. absolutely gorgeous.

anyway, the opening games have not disappointed and there are plenty of more games to watch/bet on this weekend. so far i am 1-1-1 but winners are coming so stay tuned.


australia vs. france – france -1.5 (-140)

france is my pick to win the world cup and they are going to dominate australia. this is free.

nigeria vs. croatia – croatia ml -140

croatia is a scrappy team that features ivan rakitic in the midfield. i expect them to run circles around nigeria and win by at least 1 goal.


iceland +1.5 against argentina

draw in denmark against peru +215


mexico vs. germany – germany -1

the defending champs are taking no prisoners in the opening round. mexico is a very good team this year but the favorites in the tournament will be too much for them to handle like a white dude trying to handle kim k in bed.

brazil vs. switzerland – over 2.5 goals

this game has goals written all over it. i expect brazil to score at least 2, if not more. switzerland is another scrappy team that is going to hang around, but in the end brazil will come out on top. i also like brazil -1.5 but i like the over a lot more.

well, those are the picks. follow @themookiebets on twitter for more world cup coverage. have a go, mates.

-not, not true.

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