world cup futures to hammer

look, i’m not going to pretend like i’m a huge soccer guy. sure, i dabble, but no, i’m not going to be able to breakdown every last detail of each team for you. so, i’ll keep it topical, light, and easy to follow.

i’m a betting man, and the world cup is one of my favorite things to bet on. it’s once every 4 years so there’s a ton of anticipation, and this year it’s in russia which speaks for itself. it’s an absolute electric factory of an event. just guys being dudes kicking a ball around in russia. what’s better than that?

one boner i have to address is the usa. the united fucking states of america did not qualify for the world cup. like are you serious? fucking tunisia, south korea, and iran qualified. that’s more sad than matthew perry’s acting career after friends. although the united states is out, i’m still fully in on watching the world cup. it gives me an excuse to gamble at noon everyday, and drink during the games at night. win win all around.

anyway, i have a few futures i’d like to share with my nnt team (see what i did there? just abbreviated not not true. wow. i’m amazing). here we go.

belgium to win the whole damn thing – +1200

this is bold like the font, yet i’m riding this like gisele rides tom brady after a win. belgium is a team with a few rising stars and a few veterans on their defense that hold it the fuck down. kevin de bruyne is one of my favorite players on this team (shoutout to fifa 14) and he may not even be the most talented. players like lukaku, mertens, hazard, and kompany are all certified studs that are hungry after a disappointing euro cup in 2016. belgium was booted by germany in the eurocup but they were still very young at the time. now, with a little more experience under their belt, i expect them edge out england in their group and go on a historic run. throw $10 down to win $120 and root for belgium.

france to win the whole fucking thing – +650

france is coming off a devastating loss in the eurocup, where ronaldo and portugal just beat them out in extra time. it was a match for the ages. anyway, france has an easy group and path to get to at least the semi finals in their bracket. their keeper, hugo lloris, and star striker, antoine griezmann are expected to carry france throughout this tournament. also, midfielder paul pogba will be heavily relied on to make plays on both ends of the field. with a stacked team and easier side of the bracket, i expect france to be in the finals this year. ride the frenchies.

colombia to win group h – +120

i’m keeping these short because class is almost over, but colombia to win this group at +120 is a steal. their only competition is poland, and frankly fuck poland. i’ll ride the 2014 golden boot winner, james rodriguez, to beat some polish bums anyday.

portugal to win group b – +200

fuck spain, they’re old and slow. ride ronaldo and the 2016 euro cup winners to win group b. +200 is too much value to pass up on.

cristiano ronaldo to win the golden boot – +1000

this is simple. ronaldo is a beast and will score goals this cup. keep it simple, and ride ronaldo +1000.

kylian mbappe to win the golden boot – +2500

to be honest, i really don’t know this dude. but what i do know is he’s fucking 19 and he’s on a stacked french team that could make a very long run for the cup. he’ll be setup plenty, and with his speed he’s set to score some goals.

eden hazard to win the golden boot – +4000

hazard will be the premier goal scorer on a strong belgium team. i expect him to put in at least a few, and if they make a deep run he will be there go to guy. great value at +4000.

ok so those are my go to futures. i will be posting soccer picks everyday on here and my twitter @themookiebets during the world cup so make sure to keep up for some free money.

-not, not true.

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