center city sips: a philly tradition like none other

philly is a great place. it’s not flashy but it has a lot of hustle and heart. it’s better than new york because it’s not stuffy, and it’s better than new jersey because there is actually civilization here.

wednesdays are a big deal here because it’s sips time. sips is a city wide happy hour that takes place over 50+ bars and restaraunts. it’s a summer tradition that allows the working man to let loose mid-week. it sheds a light of hope that the weekend is coming and there’s no better way to do that than cheap booze.

sips isn’t just for the working man, though. underage children dressed in khaki shorts, polo’s, and sperry’s have invaded this event for years and turned it into a full out shit show.  no more.

security has finally cracked down, specifically at pagano’s market. now, you basically have to go through airport security and pass a citizenship test in order to get in. therefore, the children that were starting fights and gooning up the place no longer participate. sips is finally great again.

now, guys in slacks, dress shirts, and overexpensive shoes dominate the sips landscape. kind of like how the warriors lost the finals in 2016, but took no prisoners in 2017 and 2018.

you can tell who works in commerce square and who just shows up to get obliterated by one thing. a badge. having a badge is the key to success during sips at paganos. 1, that badge shows you have a job and aren’t a broke boy. and 2, it allows you to have access to the bathroom in pagano’s bar so you don’t have to wait in line at the porta potty’s. it’s not fair and it’s an absolute advantage when it comes to getting girls.

the other aspect of sips is that it’s intern szn. i interned during the winter at commerce square (humble brag) so i didn’t get to take advantage of having the best happy hour in the city in my building, but there are currently a fuck ton of interns inhabiting that building. these kids are absolutely hooked. they get a badge. they hardly have to do work because it’s the summer, and they’re making money. i may have gotten to work a fuck ton of overtime and cake out in the winter, but these interns are living their best life.

well, that’s my stick on sips. it’s a fun time if you’re of age, and an even better time if you have a badge. i’ll be at pagano’s today so just keep screaming “mookie bets” or “not not true” to find me. i’ll buy you a drink if you actually find me (not you joe, brad, and fio).

-not, not true.


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