rest in peace to the right fielder on auburn

so i love college baseball. only the college baseball world series, but whatever you get the point. anyway, i was watching the florida/auburn game last night and i really wanted to go to bed but the game wouldn’t end.

1 like. very nice. anyway, i stayed up and watched and it was mad worth it. check this out.

ohhhhh shit. walk off dinger? nope, not really. the right fielder just shit himself.

lets get a slow motion viewing of this death.

even worse in slow motion. the ball pops out of his glove like a girl that wakes up in your bed and has no clue where the fuck she is. gone faster than the wind.

honestly, this is a tough play. props to the hitter for almost hitting it out, and props to the fielder for trying to make a play.

but, pray for this right fielder because he and the rest of the world will never forget the time he could’ve robbed a home run and gave his team another chance to go to the college world series. you just hate to see that.

so rest in peace buddy, because there’s really no coming back from that.

-not, not true.

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