lunch food sucks

lunch is only good for one thing. a break. whether you’re at work, school, or prison, lunch is a time where you can chow down without any interruption. whether you throw in headphones and enjoy lunch like steven glansburg, or participate in lively banter with the boys, taking a lunch break is an escape from your responsibilities.

lunch food, however, sucks. lunch meat? what the fuck is that. sure, i can do a turkey sandwich every once in a while, but everyday? kill me.

lunch food is boring and dull like that smokeshow from high school that literally doesn’t have a brain. sure, you can spice up your lunch with other foods that stem from other meals such as dinner or breakfast, but god damn it’s not lunch food.

this is why i am boycotting lunch. i’m sick of it. fuck the bread, lunch meat, and sandwiches. give me real meat. give me sushi. give me pizza. give me eggs. give me pasta. give me anything else besides a bland ham and cheese sandwich with a bag of chips. ew.

today i ate eggs and bacon for lunch because that’s fucking delicious and easy to make. i will no longer be making regular trips to potbelly or subway, but instead i will be eating real food. food that doesn’t suck. food that has nutritional value. food with substance.

i’m not sure why lunch has me so worked up but it does. i now hate the word “lunch,” and every food that stems from it.

go get some real food.

-not, not true

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