monday morning bullshit

it’s monday morning and frankly it’s not fun. i’m currently sitting in a business course in which i pay way too much money for and pay far too little attention to. to be honest, the amount of money i pay for this course is fucking absurd. like yeah, i need to be graduate, but no, i don’t need to pay attention to this fuck face talk about market caps for an hour and a half 4 times a week. it’s fucking torture.

anyway, this week is going to be slow and painful like a north korean prisoners’ death. i am saving money up for the shore this weekend so i’m going to be eating like a peasant. i also need to get my ass in shape so i’ll be hitting the gym, and that is just going to be uncomfortable to say the least. the combination of going to the gym and making your own food is miserable. that’s why i give instagram models credit. they workout 8 times a day and eat shit. sound like a helluva life.

as i scroll through twitter it looks like ihop (or now ihob) has done something seriously stupid that they will get roasted on the internet for until the end of time. they changed their name to fucking ihob. international house of burgers??? i want pancakes shit heads. if i want burgers i’ll go to 5 guys or something with dignity. not fucking ihob. stick to pancakes just like tony romo should’ve stuck to throwing footballs.

fuck you ihob, now you got me going.

i was going to say something about trump meeting rocket man but we don’t talk about politics on here so fuck you.

in the sporting world, alex ovechkin is still drunk somewhere with the stanley cup. i don’t think he’ll ever play a hockey game again. we’re just going to see him on twitter and tmz blackout until one day he dies in a back alley with the trophy. it’s truly amazing that he’s still on this bender. good for him honestly.

also, not to brag (but im bragging) i had mets money line last night against the yankees and they won 2-0.  they were facing a sweep and were +215 to beat severino and the yanks. that line had more value than this professor that won’t stfu about capsim.

oh, did anyone watch westworld last night? i didn’t, so don’t spoil it for me asshats. for some reason i can’t get into my hbogo account and it’s very fucking annoying. i just want to see if bernard bangs deloris and after that happens i’ll stop watching. until then, that show has me hooked.

well, that’s my monday morning bullshit. check back later for some real shit.

-not, not true.



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