fortnite is too addicting.

look, i had plans for today. i went to class at 10, left at 12, and then i planned on making breakfast, pumping out a blog, and going to the gym.

well, it’s now 2:30 and the only thing i’ve done is make a turkey bacon egg and cheese and play fortnite. fuck.

everyday this game gets in the way of my life. i like to think i have discipline. i don’t. but some have more discipline than others, so i can’t imagine how much time this game consumes of other people’s lives.

put it this way. i only planned on playing 2-5 games while i digested my sub-par breakfast, and then i would go give kids the work in pickup basketball and maybe lift some weights. well, my boy hopped online and we ran duos for two hours.

dropping into moisty mire, lucky landing, or tilted towers is just so mouth watering i couldn’t stop. every game i’m either really on or really ass. when i’m on, i wanna keep playing and ruin other kids days. when i’m ass, i wanna play until i start killing kids to make myself feel better. so either way, i’m stuck down a rabbit hole playing fortnite.

there is no such thing as 2-5 games, but there is such a thing as 2-5 hours.

-not, not true.

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