power ranking the best times to take a juul rip

the juul is amazing. i don’t want to hear anything about pop corn lung, or wet lung, so fuck off and let me rip in peace. obviously, there are certain times where sucking down your juul is better than others. so here are the top moments when smoking your usb device is elite.

  1. while drinking – when you get a buzz on or are completely blacked, take a rip.
  2. after you eat – just downed some pizza? wash it down with some juul.
  3. mid-class bathroom rip – in the middle of a boring lecture and need a pick me up? look no further.
  4. when you first wakeup – absolute magic.
  5. after a long day of work – just worked 9-5? take a load off and inhale.
  6. while studying/doing homework – this is simple. get that buzz on.
  7. in front of your parents – show them who the alpha is.
  8. while writing a blog – me right now.
  9. in the car on a road trip – get that vehicle foggy.
  10. in the bar – don’t let the bouncer see. i’ve been tossed for this way too many times.
  11. on the beach – don’t get it sandy, though.
  12. while playing fortnite – be quick if mid-game.
  13. when you’re trying to pickup a girl – “hey, wanna rip my juul?”
  14. after class – what a relief.
  15. after you put in a fresh pod – OMG, the crackle.
  16. after it’s fully charged – i’m a fiend.

yep, basically every time you smoke it it’s amazing.

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